Can I have a compactor on trial?

Yes all machines excluding horizontal balers can be supplied on a free trial.

Can WM-Rentals collect my compacted waste?

Yes our sister company WMS can give you a quote to have all waste streams removed.

Do WM-Rentals carry out risk assessments

Yes prior to any sale or rental contract an engineer will visit your site and carry out a full risk assessment and ensure that there is adequate power supply etc.

Do WM-Rentals deliver and install the machines?

Yes we can deliver all machinery and our team of trained engineers can install the machine and provide full operator training.

Is maintenance included?

Maintenance can be included with all machine rentals or excluded if required, please see our maintenance section for more information.

What is the difference between a portable and a static compactor?

A static compactor is fixed in one position on your premises and a container connected on the end which is exchanged when full. A portable compactor has the bin connected to the machine and both are removed from site and returned when empty. A portable compactor does not usually hold as much waste as a static compactor and the transport charge is usually higher as the bin has to be collected and returned

Why should I rent a compactor instead of a baler?

With a compactor machine the need for labour is greatly reduced as the material is thrown loose into an open hopper and the machine will compact automatically, all loose material is stored in the compactor bin which improves housekeeping and there are no consumables to purchase such as baling wire.

Will WM-Rentals part exchange our old machine?

Yes we will look at any recycling machinery to be taken as part exchange against a new purchase or rental